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BY Kate Berry
Fannie and Freddie have been selling pools of delinquent mortgages at auction to the highest bidders. Community groups say the Federal Housing Finance Agency should be giving preferential treatment to nonprofits and community development financial institutions.
The Chicago, Des Moines and Cincinnati FHLBs have grown their life insurance company membership the most in recent years.  more »
Low borrowing costs and rising home values are just two of several reasons why owning a home is far less burdensome than it was a decade ago.  more »
Caliber Home Loans has named former CitiMortgage head Sanjiv Das as its next chief executive.  more »
The Federal Housing Administration will continue to charge borrowers an annual premium over the entire life of the loan, rejecting calls from some housing advocates to change how it’s calculated.  more »
Producer Profile
Loan officers from the Top Producers rankings share some of their best career anecdotes and advice behind their success in the mortgage industry.
The deadline to submit an application for the 2016 Top Producers Survey is Monday, February 1.
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