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BY Lynn David
Regulators sought to limit improper contact between lenders and appraisers, but policies of the two mortgage giants encourage the kind of practices that contributed to the housing crisis.
Democrats will adopt a party platform this week that omits most references to a need for continued post-housing crisis reforms, and instead focuses on expanding access to mortgage credit and support for industry regulation.  more »
Freddie Mac has reached a binding commitment with Chimera Investment Corp. in its pilot structured sale of seasoned loans.  more »
Despite fears that increased compliance costs from new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rules could drive community lenders out of the mortgage business, a watchdog report found that smaller companies remain active.  more »
Purchases of new single-family homes rose in June to the highest level in more than eight years, indicating a firm and resilient housing market.  more »
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Loan officers encounter a wide range of obstacles in the process of seeing a mortgage loan through to closing, but how many can spin silence into livestock?
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