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Craig Strent of Apex Home Loans ranked No. 78 on the 2016 Top Producers list.
BY Tana Tymesen
Craig Strent of Apex Home Loans saw potential in blending his mortgage banking services with the strategy of financial advising, finding strong partners and a niche in helping clients through one of life's most difficult transitions.
Many appraisers are charging more or simply refusing to do FHA work, which to their minds now comes close to, if not crossing into, the remit of the home inspector.  more »
Home prices in 20 U.S. cities rose faster than projected in March from a year earlier, adding to signs of healthy demand at the onset of the industry's busy selling season, S&P/Case-Shiller reported Tuesday.  more »
Banks have rushed to the exits when it comes to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debt securities. Federal liquidity rules seem to be prompting big banks to do so, but why small banks are unloading the bonds, too, is more of a puzzler.  more »
JPMorgan Chase has received credit for $3.89 billion of consumer relief, plus it says it has provided an additional $113 million, putting the bank over the top on its obligation.  more »
2016 Top Producers
Staying on top of credit underwriting rules is essential for Rosalie Rains of Capital Financial Advisors, and when things get slow she can always turn to the two-color flier she made when she first started originating loans.
We move MI forward through innovation, attractive transparent pricing, the best terms of coverage, and a highly responsive approach to working with you.
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