Atare Agbamu

Atare Agbamu

Atare Agbamu is president/CEO of advisory firm ThinkReverse LLC, Oakdale, Minn. He previously was director of reverse mortgages at AdvisorNet Mortgage LLC, Minneapolis. Agbamu has experience both originating and marketing reverse mortgages. He also is an author of a book about the loans and has written more than 250 articles on the topic since 2002.

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A new federal lawsuit is an early warning that a recent federal policy letter designed to address litigation over Home Equity Conversion Mortgage spouses' rights doesn't go far enough.
The court asked another governmental entity to remedy the plight of non-borrowing spouses facing foreclosure. So far options appear to give few consumers relief.
A plea for the Federal Housing Administration official to finish clarifying the rights of spouses unnamed on Home Equity Conversion Mortgages before she leaves office.
A recent DC Circuit Court decision granting “standing” to surviving non-borrowing-spouses who sued HUD is an opportunity for HUD to solve this festering legacy legal, financial, and reputational problem.
The doors to the first chamber of justice in the federal court system have been shut in the faces of nonborrowing spouses in HECM transactions for the second and last time. Yet, their plight, foreclosures and evictions when their spouses die, remains.
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