Don Kracl

Don Kracl

Vice President

Don Kracl is the founder of Mortech and†Vice President of Zillow Mortgage Tools. †Through his entrepreneurial spirit and business driven leadership, Mr. Kracl has managed to transform Mortech into a leading provider of mortgage solutions, which thousands of lenders depend on every day.

Mr. Kracl has an extensive history of working in the financial industry. His more than thirty years in the business includes originating loans, distributing front-end loan processing systems, stock brokering, serving as a mortgage consultant and today, providing innovative mortgage technology solutions to professionals nationwide. Prior to entering the mortgage industry, Mr. Kracl was a commercial pilot for several businesses throughout the United States.

Mr. Kracl received a business degree from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and gained his pilotís license from the Sierra Academy of Aeronautics in Oakland, California.

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