Garth Graham

Garth Graham

Marketing Strategy

Garth Graham heads STRATMOR Group’s marketing strategy and execution practice, which focuses on lead generation and lead management methods and practices primarily for the consumer direct and retail mortgage origination channels. Garth has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, from Fortune 500 companies to successful startups, including management of two of the most successful e-commerce platforms.

As an executive with ABN-AMRO, Garth was part of the executive group that successfully sold the mortgage group and the mortgage.com platform to Citibank in March 2007, in a $9 billion dollar deal that was closed before the market downturn. At ABN, Garth managed over $5M annual marketing budget, with retention and cross sell responsibility for over 2M customers. Launched marketing campaigns in support of mortgage.com consumer portal, generating over 650,000 web site visitors per month, resulting in $22B in originations and $280M in operating profit over 4 year period. Delivered direct response rates of over 4%, with a 250% return on marketing investment. Garth was a key member of the executive management team of mortgage.com that led the company through its dramatic expansion in the late 90s and successful IPO in 2000 before its sale to ABN AMRO.

Garth also worked for 9 years at Chase Manhattan Mortgage, where he developed the corporate and affinity marketing program, securing Fortune 500 accounts, including the successful sale of Union Member Mortgage Program, an exclusive relationship between Chase Mortgage and the 13 million members of AFL-CIO.

Quoted extensively in periodicals such as USA Today, National Mortgage News, DS News, American Banker, Mortgage Banking and Internet World, resulting in over 40 million press impressions within 12 months.

Garth is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Economics and Computer Science. He also has received Champion and Green Belt Training in Six Sigma.

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