Jeff Bradford

Jeff Bradford

Founder and CEO

Jeff Bradford is the founder and CEO of Bradford Technologies, the leader in the new field of computer-aided appraising software.  He has over 26 years of experience creating innovative solutions for appraisers and is a nationally recognized expert in computer technology and analytics. Prior to founding Bradford Technologies, Mr. Bradford worked at companies such as Apple Computer, Structural Dynamics Research and FMC Central Engineering Labs. He holds three masters degrees. One in Engineering Mechanics, Computer Science and an MBA.

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Fannie Mae recently released its Collateral Underwriter automated risk assessment tool, which evaluates the risk associated with appraisals. It does not accept or reject appraisals, nor does it provide lenders with an estimate of a property's value.
A new era of appraising is upon us where appraisers are starting to take advantage of analytics that only computers can perform. Appraisers are starting to use computer-aided appraising technology to produce property valuations that are based on science and data to increase accuracy and transparency in collateral valuations, which are critical not only to the housing market’s recovery but also to the re-emergence of a true secondary market. Learn how computer-aided appraising technology will...