Kelli Himebaugh

Kelli Himebaugh

Corporate Vice President

Kelli Himebaugh has been in the homebuilding and mortgage industries for over 20 years, working in a broad range of lending management roles and loan origination. An expert in mortgage operations, client service and training, Kelli works closely with lenders interested in loan servicing to understand their software needs and available options, from the RFP stage all the way through the implementation process.

She is a popular speaker at industry events and a frequent author in industry publications. Mortgage Builder Software of Southfield, Michigan is the award-winning provider of the Architect LOS and the Colonnade loan servicing system, a favorite with servicers of all sizes for over 20 years and formerly known as G/Serv.

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Many lenders are either becoming servicers or looking into it.  There are many good reasons for doing so as a strategy for 2014 and beyond, including: Wanting to have more control over loans they originate and protect their brand; Desiring the additional revenue servicing provides to bolster earnings during market swings; Needing to keep hard-earned borrowers in their fold instead of feeling like they are losing them when selling servicing rights to others. But...
Loan servicing systems may not make julienne fries but they can bring profitability to mortgage bankers and depositories that make the switch from selling whole loans to retained servicing.
In the preliminary stages, lenders may not yet know what they need, much less want.
Lenders of all sizes are looking into becoming servicers, bringing us full circle back to the days when virtually every lender serviced their own loans.
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