Kristi Weigant

Kristi Weigant

Chief Development Officer

Kristi is the Chief Development Officer of NextJob, a national reemployment services company. Among its industry firsts, NextJob launched the nation’s first lender-sponsored homeowner reemployment service with Fifth Third Bank in 2012, helping homeowners at risk of foreclosure land jobs and keep their homes. NextJob works with three other lenders in this new approach, including M&T Bank. Working with employers, NextJob partnered with Equifax Corporation to launch the unemployment claims management industry’s first reemployment service in 2009.

Kristi joined NextJob in 2007 with a background in multimedia education and curriculum design that made her instrumental in helping NextJob develop industry-leading online job search training.

Prior to joining NextJob, Kristi led the writing and designing of the first multimedia-delivered, full semester high school economics course in America. The product, “Thinking Economics,” went on to win first place in the New York Educational Multimedia Competition and set a standard for multimedia-delivered education. Thinking Economics is currently distributed by the Center for Economic Education, the leading organization in the US and around the world for economics education.

Kristi has developed business/education partnerships in hundreds of schools both elementary and secondary. She has also managed major faith-based initiatives including the development and funding of outreach ministries and discipleship centers.

Kristi has taught both economics and international economics in multiple high schools as well as at Oregon Institute of Technology. She holds a bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Manitoba.

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Unemployment drives 50% of mortgage defaults. Yet most efforts focus on the expense side of the equation—modifications and credit counseling. What's been missing is a focus on the income side of the equation - specifically, employment. We will: 1) examine how unemployment affects borrower behavior and response to outreach, 2) analyze a case study of Fifth Third Bank's innovative and financially-profitable homeowner reemployment program and 3) explore the impact of reemployment on...