Larry Walker | Keynote & Featured Speakers | Mortgage Servicing Conference

Larry Walker

Managing Director


Larry Walker is a visionary leader in the financial services industry sectors. With more than 30 years of experience, he has been the CEO of three U.S. based mortgage companies, and a global mortgage and consumer credit BPO. Larry has also served the global financial services industries through outsourcing and consulting for many years.

Larry is a passionate proponent of exploiting the capabilities of technology as they emerge and mature. He also believes there is great value to be derived for the mortgage banking industry by using industrial methods for process engineering and management.

Larry appreciates that today’s regulatory environment – at the national, state, and local levels – is presenting the industry with unprecedented challenges. But he sees new business opportunities arising as technology and process engineering both evolve to transform business models. He champions the fact that today’s mortgage industry shouldn’t just seek to survive these challenges, but should plan to thrive amidst them.

Walker has successfully led several game-changing innovations, both in the U.S. and abroad. Some of his most notable achievements have been in the housing finance
(mortgage) industry:
• Implement automated underwriting at Freddie Mac for all U.S. mortgage lenders
• Develop MERS, an industry-wide utility for tracking and trading lien holder rights
• Create world’s largest loan origination & servicing business, operating on 4 continents
• Help banks restructure their business models to be able to issue the first mortgagebacked
securities in their respective countries (i.e., Belgium, Australia, Mexico)
• Digitize national land title registries (i.e., Canada, New Zealand, Philippines)

Through his global work in mortgage consulting and outsourcing, Larry has experience with banks and financial services clients in over 40 countries. In one case, he served on the strategy team and helped his firm win the largest IT outsourcing deal in the history of banking worldwide (Commonwealth Bank of Australia). While his primary expertise is in housing finance, he has worked in several other sectors:
• Auto & RV Lending
• Commercial Lending
• Credit Cards
• Multi-Family Lending
• Manufactured Housing
• Affordable Housing
• Micro Lending
• Islamic Finance
• Philanthropic Services
• Real Estate Marketing (MLS, etc.)
• Land Title
• Death Services

Larry has been a frequent speaker and panelist at U.S. mortgage and international housing finance conferences. Additionally, he has spoken to the sales organizations and client user groups of such outsourcing firms as IBM Global Services, Genpact and ISGN. Industry leading companies such as Radian and First American have hired Walker to keynote internal management meetings. In 2004 Larry co-founded an international sales and leadership training company serving clients such as Xerox/ACS, Wipro and Ericsson.

Larry has occasionally written mortgage articles in U.S. and international trade journals. Most notably, he penned a vision in a 1995 American Banker article that caught the interest of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America. He was invited him to produce a video to be shown at the MBA’s 1996 annual convention in Chicago. The video caught the eye of the press and was distributed to hundreds of educational institutions and financial services organizations looking to understand how the processes of mortgage lending would be impacted by the emerging capabilities of modern technology.