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The pension fund sector owns hundreds of billions of dollars of mortgage securities. But MBS holdings are such a small percentage of their portfolios, pensions may not be aware of their heft in the industry.
Mortgages for Gulf War veterans have more than tripled since 2008, which along with a spirited outreach program and the post-crisis credit squeeze, has helped fuel a steady increase in Department of Veterans Affairs lending.
Mortgage denials in 2013 were comparable to those recorded a decade ago, analyses of HMDA data show, challenging perceptions about how easy lending really was during the era of "pulse" loans and "fog-a-mirror finance."
Mortgage employment slowly edged up this year, but will it continue to track the recent hiring boom in the national economy? Some industry observers believe so.
Curt Culver has got a lot to keep him busy after he steps down as Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.'s CEO, including serving on the board of his family's eponymous restaurant chain.
Despite the mounting charge from burgeoning nonbank servicers, three large banks still control the majority of the servicing market.
From Biblical times to the present, fraud has been the key factor in all financial crises. But there is one financial instrument that, if used correctly, can bring equilibrium to fraud-impacted markets.
The Census Bureau/HUD American Housing Survey isn't just a great source of factoids about the country's housing stock; it's chock-full of fascinating details with mortgage lending implications.
Industry observers have mixed reactions on whether next year's Republican-controlled Congress will finally address long-stalled efforts to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be scrutinizing the new cadres of mini-correspondent lenders to make sure they aren't just "captive" arrangements to get around broker compensation rules.
Mortgage executives who have long decried new regulations as excessive are increasingly becoming resigned to the fact that changes are here to stay.
Recently released HMDA data strongly suggest that the reason minority homeownership rates are falling since the beginning of the recession isn't because minorities are opting out of the mortgage process, but because they're being excluded.
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