Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers

EVP and Chief Administrative Officer

Mr. Rogers is a 28-year veteran of the mortgage banking industry, starting his career with the Lomas & Nettleton Co. in 1980 where he managed escrow administration. Mr. Rogers joined the Ticor Companies in 1985 to help Coopers & Lybrand rebuild the Ticor Tax Service Company. The company was ultimately sold to First American Financial in 1991.

While with First American Mr. Rogers became President of the Tax Service Company and Document Preparation Companies as well as working in various executive level positions. As a key member of their Mergers and Acquisitions team, he helped start First American in the tax, flood, credit, appraisal, field services and document preparation businesses.

He left First American in 1999 to join Tyler Technologies and build an internet-based title company. He joined Saxon in 2001, exiting the company in 2005 as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer.

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