Pam Perdue

Pam Perdue

Chief Compliance Strategist

Pam is a distinguished regulatory expert with over 20 years of experience in compliance. In her career, Pam has served as a chief compliance officer, an educator and consultant for regional and national organizations, and as a Senior Examiner with the Federal Reserve.

Her extensive knowledge of compliance, both as a consultant and an examiner, has made her an essential component to the success of Continuity Control as the Chief Compliance Strategist. Pamís expertise enables her to swiftly decipher regulatory items, analyzing whether, and how, they pertain to each financial institution.

Pam routinely speaks at banking conferences, symposia and compliance schools. Her insight and passion for the mission at hand are key to successfully guiding our Strategist team.

She holds a B.S. from The Ohio State University, certifications from the American Institute of Banking and the Dearborn Financial Institute and has completed the rigorous Federal Reserve System Examiner Commissioning Program, equivalent to a banking M.B.A.

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