Peter Andrews


Dreambuilder Investments

Peter Andrews is the Founder & CEO of Dreambuilder Investments, a private investment firm specializing in the acquisition, management and liquidation of defaulted residential mortgages. As the premier buyer of distressed 2nd liens, with $4B in acquisitions to date, DBI has an 11-year track record of exceptional performance. The Company executes a speed-based model that delivers Efficiency, Liquidity and Humanity to the distressed market. Working with its borrowers, DBI achieves superior returns for investors while offering homeowners a helping hand.

Mr. Andrews fulfills multiple roles at DBI, most importantly setting the vision and direction for the Company. He is responsible for management of the firmís trading activities and the continuous design and development of DBIís proprietary, asset management platform. Prior to starting DBI in 2003, Mr. Andrews held a number of strategic technology sales positions, the last being at Akibia, a technology consulting firm. There he managed the Goldman Sachs account, growing revenues from $6M to $20M annually.

Mr. Andrews attended Rutgers University, completing a five-year, dual-degree program in Mechanical Engineering and Economics in 1996. He has been active member of several non-profit organizations and is currently developing a non-profit initiative focused on providing financial solutions for responsible homeowners behind on their mortgage payments.