Rob Blackwell

Rob Blackwell

Washington Bureau Chief

Rob Blackwell is the Washington Bureau Chief for American Banker. He has covered the financial services arena for more than a decade, working first as a reporter covering the GSEs, the banking regulators, and anti-money laundering, among other topics, and later as an editor during the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

He helped American Banker win a Jesse H. Neal Award for its coverage of deposit insurance reform, and has appeared on BBC, CNBC and C-SPAN as an expert on regulatory policy. His Twitter handle is @ABWashBureau.

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HUD Secretary-designate Ben Carson is all but certain to get confirmed to his post unless he makes a major mistake during his confirmation hearing. Given his lackluster performance during the GOP presidential debates last year, some wonder if that's a possibility.
Of the five banks that failed their living will tests earlier this year and were forced to resubmit plans, only Wells Fargo failed again, resulting in immediate regulatory action that will restrict its growth, including its ability to expand internationally and buy nonbank subsidiaries.
Treasury Secretary-designate Steven Mnuchin wasted no time Wednesday wading into one of the thorniest debates in the financial services arena, saying the Trump administration would seek to end government control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Mortgage bankers are anxiously waiting to see who President-elect Donald Trump will pick as the next Treasury secretary. Several prominent names have been floated for the job, though with every passing day, a new possible choice seems to pop up. Following is a look at the current crop of candidates and their chances.
The New York real estate mogul Donald Trump defied all conventional wisdom by winning the presidency, a huge upset that is sending shock waves through the political and policy establishment.
The ramifications for a U.S. Court of Appeals decision against the CFPBs constitutionality go far beyond just the agencys independence, and may have consequences for other federal agencies with similar structures. The ruling may also hamper the CFPB's powers going forward, including its ability to retroactively apply new rules.
IBM will purchase Promontory Financial Group a consultancy so influential it has been dubbed the industry's "shadow regulator" in a move that could extend artificial intelligence into every aspect of banking.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is important, but it barely scratches the surface of former House Financial Services Committee Chairman Michael Oxley's impact on banking.
The Federal Housing Finance Agency unveiled a new proposal Tuesday that would detail how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should serve three underserved markets: manufactured housing, affordable housing preservation and rural markets.
The Justice Department's announcement that it would target individual executives at banks and other companies that are being investigated for wrongdoing has sparked a debate about whether the move is actually substantive or instead just designed to boost the agency's public image.
Just a day after the Dodd-Frank Act's fifth anniversary, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby launched a new attempt to make significant changes to the law, attaching his regulatory relief bill to legislation that would provide funding for financial services agencies.
Lost in the debate so far over Shelby's regulatory relief bill are the significant changes it makes to the housing finance system. It essentially takes consensus elements from multiple past stabs at reform, leaving out the most controversial parts and making future reform far easier.
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