Sapan Bafna

Sapan Bafna

Vice President - SolEx

Sapan Bafna is vice president of Solutions Express (SolEx), a business line within CoreLogic Asset Management & Processing Solutions. Sapan is responsible for creating innovative solutions for the residential mortgage industry that leverage a combination of data-enabled technology and outsourcing. These solutions have included engagements spanning prime mortgages, government mortgages, and non-prime loans.

He has overseen the development of analytical decisioning models for the management of imminent and/or defaulted mortgage loans and has architected proprietary data entry application incorporating OCR technology, document generation and document fulfillment platforms. Most recently, he oversaw the development of web-based loan auditing and tracking application to streamline the compliance and auditing process.

Sapan joined the company in 2004. Prior to joining CoreLogic, Sapan held positions specific to corporate development and finance. Sapan is a Six Sigma Lean Sensei and an Accredited Mortgage Professional specializing in Mortgage Banking.

He holds an MBA from Florida International University as well as a masterís degree in finance from the School of Economics, DA University, India.

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