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Steven Ramirez

Chief Executive Officer

Beyond the Arc, Inc.

Steven J. Ramirez is the chief executive officer of Berkeley, Calif.-based Beyond the Arc, Inc., a management consulting firm recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in helping financial institutions transform their customer experiences.

Ramirez is responsible for business operations, including growing the company's revenues and leading teams of data and strategy consultants that help clients leverage customer and social media data, combined with text analysis, to drive customer growth, improve customer retention, understand service breaks and build a strong customer community.

Ramirez focuses on the growing importance of social media to financial services companiesí customer experience. He has led numerous projects to develop multi-channel solutions encompassing branches, online banking, ATM, mobile, phone and social media. He also helps clients develop communications strategies that drive sales and strengthen customer relationships.

Prior to leading Beyond the Arc, Ramirez served as an executive with Time Warner, where he was responsible for creating and successfully implementing corporate development strategies. He is also co-founder of the San Francisco/Silicon Valley Integration Gurus, a professional association of the merger integration executives from leading Bay Area companies including Cisco, Google, and Microsoft.

Ramirez earned a bachelorís degree and masterís in Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley. He as also created and taught courses in business management for UC Berkeley and been a guest speaker at the universityís Haas School of Business.