APR 18, 2012
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FHA to Shut Down in 2013?


If GOP hopeful Mitt Romney has his way HUD will be killed and presumably so will the FHA program. It’s election season and the candidate – hoping to appeal to conservatives – wants to stick a knife in HUD/FHA because, well, it’s a cabinet level agency and cutting big government is a red meat move. But first, Romney has to get elected. And if he does, then he has to get such a move through a Congress that presumably will be controlled by the GOP. So, if you think the housing market is tough now, just wait until the FHA program disappears. Of course, I’m sure the private sector is ready, willing and able to fill the void.

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Paul, you are a LIBERAL HACK!! Romney is smart enough to know that eliminating FHA would kill housing and the recovery. He is a smart business man, as opposed to the current President who is a nothing but a community organizer that never ran anything in his life. Keep your liberal views to yourself!!
Posted by Bryon | Wednesday, April 18 2012 at 1:13PM ET
Getting anything disputed through congress is a long shot at best, and for sure this would be fought over
Posted by Scott Friedman | Wednesday, April 18 2012 at 1:16PM ET
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