DEC 14, 2012

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Which Megabank Will Leave Wholesale Next?

DEC 14, 2012 12:34pm ET

This might be a trick question. Wells Fargo is in the process (still) of tossing its broker network overboard, though I bet some its top producer shops will magically convert into mortgage bankers with the help of a certain megabank and its secretive warehouse division. We know that Wells is active in warehouse lending (but of course) but its commitments are kept at the Pentagon. As for wholesale lending, the channel has stabilized and it’s safe to say that no more megabanks will exit for the simple reason that none are left in the channel. Wells (going, going, gone), Bank of America (gone), Chase (gone), Citigroup (gone). And maybe that’s not such a bad thing for the brokerage community. It’s better to have many mid-sized providers than a bunch of megas giving you lousy menus.

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