Kickstarting Your Online Content

OCT 28, 2013 11:42pm ET

Okay, so you sit down to write your blog, write a marketing email or make a Facebook post. But, you can’t think of a single thing to say.

But what if you had “trigger” sentences that would prompt you to write anything at any time?

Well, here are seven of them that the pros use and these triggers are written in such a way that all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

For example, let’s say that you are asked this question over and over again:  “Why do I need to give you all that paperwork?”

Your social media post might go something like this (see No. 4):  The one burning question that people ask me over and over again is “Why do lenders require all that paperwork?”  Well, here’s the answer: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Before I share them with you, I suggest that you copy this article and carry the seven trigger sentences with you (or document on your computer or phone). In your daily travels, you may read a story you may want to share. Have something happen to you or a friend of yours that could be a lesson to others. If you learn a new idea—make a note of it. Keep track of those events and use the sentences below to create your content. 

  1. The one thing that I see_____________________(clients, women, men, homebuyers, agents, name of group) doing is: ...and here are 3 ways to keep from doing it (list bullet points with your solutions).
  2. Here’s what I learned when (describe a lesson that you learned and how your lesson can help them, too).
  3. Here are 3 (or any number) mistakes that I have seen people make and how to correct them. (This is different than No. 2 because No. 2 is what you have personally experienced. No. 3 covers mistakes you’ve seen other people make.)
  4. Here’s the one burning question people ask me all the time...And here's how I answer it.
    (You get questions from clients and agents all the time. Keep track of them when you talk on the phone, from email questions or meet face-to-face.)
  5. Here's a trend that I see happening. And here's how it might affect you.
  6. Did you ever notice...
    (This is called a "slice of life" observation and is different than the "trend" in #5 because you are describing things YOU have observed.)
  7. Here are (number) tips you can use when...and then list the number of tips using bullet points.

I’m sure that if you had about 30 minutes, you would fill in the blanks (right now) on all 7 of these triggers. 

My motto:  Get info posted—and get NOTICED!  

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