My New Assistant's Contract

NOV 21, 2012 9:13am ET

Here is the contract I will be using with my new assistant:

Job Title: Loan Officer Assistant

Job Description

Loan Officer Assistant (LOA) is responsible for performing many clerical and customer service related tasks for Loan Officer (LO). LOA will perform the functions below with a spirit of teamwork, urgency, customer accommodation and an overall willingness to attempt to make the Loan Officer more productive.

Loan Officer Assistant will become licensed by _______________________.

The primary functions of the Loan Officer Assistant are:

1. Data input – The LOA performs many data input functions including, but not limited to:

a. Inputting files into Loan Origination System

b. Keeping LO sphere of influence database up to date with new clients and prospects

c. Loans in process into Evernote

d. Prospect information into Evernote

2. Clerical – The LO Assistant helps the LO by performing many clerical functions including preparing correspondence, making copies of borrower information, filing, etc.

3. Prequalification/Pre-approvals – LOA helps by ordering credit reports and completing prequalification application, worksheets, approval and denial documents. LOA utilizes Mortgage Coach to prepare cost analyses for prospects.

4. Marketing – LOA maintains and updates LO database, mails thank you notes to customers and referral sources, coordinates monthly mailings and helps prepare and deliver other marketing pieces as needed. LOA helps with events and meetings.

5. Trouble-shooting/pinch-hitting – LOA strives to fill-in, when possible for LO when she is unavailable. Answer LO phone, returns calls, implement communications as requested by LO and provide progress updates as established from time to time. Attempts to find answers to customers’ questions by coordinating with the LO, Processor etc.

6. Other – LOA to continually look for ways to improve LO systems and work flow. LOA to help LO accomplish more marketing and networking in any way possible.



Loan Officer Assistant


Loan Officer