Taking the Plunge Again With a Networking Group

DEC 18, 2012 4:32pm ET

I have started two networking groups in the past. As I've worked to re-establish myself in this area as a mortgage lender, I've debated whether or not I wanted to take on this challenge. Starting a networking group is quite a bit of work but the rewards can be great.

First, I reached out to an escrow officer and a Realtor that I felt would be a good fit in helping me organize and start a group. I've done it all myself before and have no desire to go down that road again. Power in numbers is my new motto. As long as it is the right people and I feel that we make a fantastic team.

Next, we met together to brainstorm. I also brought along my assistant, also dubbed secretary of our group, to take notes and help us follow up on things. The meeting was fantastic and I am excited about the potential of what we are doing. This will still be quite a bit of work, but it feels manageable.

The next step is to decide on our mission statement and by-laws. Once we have this, the three of us will hit the ground to build the group. First meeting is scheduled for Jan. 23. We'll be meeting from 8:00-9:30 a.m. the first and third Wednesday of each month.

If you have ever considered joining (or starting) a networking group, 2013 is your year!