My Three Focus Words for 2013

JAN 16, 2013 4:42pm ET

There has been a personal/professional coaching blog circulating around the mortgage and sales worlds for the past few weeks encouraging people to adapt three words to focus on for 2013. This is intended to be a way to crystalize your objectives into a simple mantra.

When first reading about this it seemed silly and then I started thinking about: Reduce–Reuse–Recycle*

 (*Yes, I am the product of an environmentalist father and can frequently be found rummaging through the trash to move items into the recycle bin−but that is not what I am talking about!).



We go charging into the New Year with self-promises to be better, bigger or thinner, more of something or less of something. We make lists of our short-comings and areas that need improvement and vow to make big changes “this year.”

Reduce that list down to one or two goals, plans or desires. Keep it simple and manageable. Focus your energy on achieving a single goal and see what happens. When you reduce a sauce in cooking it becomes rich and refined. Do the same for you goals and you will see the richness it can bring to your life!



We are a consumer society constantly bombarded with new and improved items to buy and products or services to engage in.  Everything is available in a “better” model, and often just days or weeks after we have purchased the “next big thing”–the new “next big thing” is announced!

This is a great time in your life or your business to take stock of what has worked for you in the past be it a sales strategy or a weight loss program. You don’t need to reinvent your approach every year. Rather, learn to recognize throughout the years the products, programs or services that support your desires and goals and look at how you can enhance or utilize those more effectively.

Don’t dump what’s been tried and true for the next shiny, new option. Invest in reusing what are proven, effective strategies for your everyday life and business.



In business we are often looking to develop new relationships and expand our networks with potential customers or referral partners. In life this could be new friends, a new gym buddy or tennis partner.

Dig out that Rolodex (does anyone even have a Rolodex anymore?!) and look at who you already know, who have you lost touch with, who would you love to see again, and reach out. We are frequently looking to build new relationships when we already know so many people who can enrich and enhance our lives.

It can take eight to 12 touches just to start a new relationship, or just one phone call to connect with someone you have lost touch with. Recycle those friendships, whether personal or professional. Replacing them takes much more work!

Reduce–Reuse–Recycle to save time, energy and money and see your life simplified and enriched!

How about you; what is your three word mantra for 2013?