What if You Knew?

DEC 11, 2012 4:49pm ET

This has been a good year in our industry. Interest rates have edged down all year and refinances have filled many a loan officers production. So let me ask you this: What if you knew interest rates are headed up to oh, say 5%? (Remember when we used to think 5% was a great rate??)

What would you do different to prepare? Would you focus on those dusty relationships? Here's a great little exercise: Write down all the activities you would (should) do if you were desperate to get a loan in the door. Do a brain dump and make this list as long as possible. Every single idea, strategy etc. you can think of.

Next, pick the top three things that you can do this next week. Someday, interest rates will be up and your wallet will be grateful you took the time to do get started early. Once the refinances slow down, your competition will be working pretty dang hard to get your referral partners to send them business. How well positioned will you be?