JAN 17, 2012
Risky Business



The Mystery of Banking


The bank has ten billion this year,

But the money is simply not Here--

It's been quite lent away,

Pending some future day,

So it's only a promise, that's clear.


Is it borrowers then with their share

Who have the bank's money to spare?

Nope! They've spent it all

To get profits next fall,

So the money is simply not There.


One may begin wondering Where

Is this something not Here and not There.

There's a ten billion list,

But does money exist?

Such thoughts only lead to despair.

Comments (2)
Alex is a verse-atile guy!
Posted by Mark Fogarty | Wednesday, January 18 2012 at 10:20AM ET
I had no idea how to approach this boefre-now I'm locked and loaded.
Posted by CrtPazwtBURSWfwztkT | Saturday, January 21 2012 at 3:16AM ET
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