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221 East Las Colinas Boulevard
Dallas (Irving), Texas 75039
Tel: (972) 556-0800

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

11:00 AM -
Registration Opens

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2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Workshop I: REO Valuation - Luck or Skill?
Instructor: Ed Gerding, Senior Fraud Consultant, CORELOGIC
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Workshop II: Three Things You Need to Know About Dodd-Frank and the New CFPB
Timothy Burniston, Vice President and Senior Director, Risk & Compliance Consulting Practice, WOLTERS KLUWER FINANCIAL SERVICES
Jeanne Erickson, Senior and Lead Attorney for Residential Lending, WOLTERS KLUWER FINANCIAL SERVICES
Christina Speh, Director of Compliance Strategy and New Markets, Risk & Compliance Consulting Practice, WOLTERS KLUWER FINANCIAL SERVICES
4:30 PM -
Opening Keynote
Mark Fleming, Chief Economist, CORELOGIC
5:15 PM -
Treasury Update
Laurie Anne Maggiano, Director of Policy, Office of Homeownership Preservation, US DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Opening Night Reception

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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7:45 AM -
Registration & Continental Breakfast

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7:45 AM - 8:25 AM
8:25 AM -
Chair’s Opening Remarks
Mark Fogarty, Editor at Large, NATIONAL MORTGAGE NEWS
8:30 AM -
Building a Better Mortgage Market
Moderator: Thomas Cronin, Managing Director, THE COLLINGWOOD GROUP
Panelist: John Britti, Executive Vice President, OCWEN
Panelist: Michael Chen-Young, VP, Strategic Analytics, FANNIE MAE
Panelist: Amar Patel, EVP of Portfolio Investments, NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE
Panelist: Austin Tilghman, President and CEO, UCM, INC.
9:30 AM -
Servicer Alignment Initiative Updates
Robert Kimble, Senior Director, Mortgage Servicing Policy, FREDDIE MAC
Robert R. Padgett, Director, Credit Risk, Enterprise Risk Management, FANNIE MAE
10:15 AM -
10:45 AM -
Through the Looking Glass - Servicing Transparency and Oversight
Moderator: Scott Gillen, CMB, Sr. Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, STEWART LENDER SERVICES
Panelist: Michael D. Martin, Managing Director, ALVAREZ & MARSAL
Ty Miller, Vice President, Servicer Relationships and Performance Management, FREDDIE MAC
Panelist: Tom Tallent, Vice President, Mortgage and Records Services, COLONIAL SAVINGS
11:30AM -
Lender Placed Insurance -- New Enforcement and Litigation Challenges
Panelist: Andrew Sandler, Chairman and Executive Partner, BUCKLEYSANDLER LLP
Robert Kimble, Senior Director, Mortgage Servicing Policy, FREDDIE MAC
12:15 PM -
Single Point of Contact in Mortgage Collections - Industry Market Drivers, Servicer Strategies and IT Solutions
Craig Focardi, Senior Research Director, Retail Banking & Cards, TOWERGROUP
12:45 PM -
12:45 PM - 2:00 PM
Industry Innovation Session Lunch: Living the Lifecycle – Borrower Interaction Management Solutions From Origination to Mitigation
Chris Carlisle, Director, Mortgage Servicing Solutions, VAROLII CORPORATION

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12:45 PM - 2:00 PM
Industry Innovation Session Lunch: Preventing REO & Short Sale Fraud at Point-Of-Sale
Moderator: Rodney Carey, CEO, WOODWARD ASSET CAPITAL

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2:00 PM -
Track: Defaulting Servicing, Foreclosure & REO View Track How do you make short sales attractive (Hint: it isn’t by dropping the price)
Moderator: Rodney Carey, CEO, WOODWARD ASSET CAPITAL
Panelist: Kimberly Dawson, Short Sale Production Executive (West), BANK OF AMERICA
Panelist: Barbara Peterson, Vice President, Assistant Manager - Default Servicing, M&I, A PART OF BMO FINANCIAL GROUP
Panelist: Gagan Sharma, President & CEO, BSI FINANCIAL SERVICES
2:00 PM -
Track: Non-Default Servicing Trends View Track Retaining Servicing - the Opportunity is Now!
Bob Gundel, Senior Hedge Manager, COMPASS ANALYTICS
Tad Hensley, Director, Secondary Marketing, AMERIPRO FUNDING
2:45 PM -
Track: Defaulting Servicing, Foreclosure & REO View Track The Next Chapter for Strategic Defaults
Michael Zeltkevic, Partner and Head of the America’s Retail and Business Banking Practice, OLIVER WYMAN
2:45 PM -
Track: Non-Default Servicing Trends View Track Establishing a Productive, High Performing Team Starts with Your Frontline Managers
Moderator: Steve Stark, Director - U.S. Practice, BRIDGEFORCE
Panelist: Robert Box, Former Chief Operating Officer, ALLIANCE DATA
Panelist: Craig Keaney, Senior Vice President, Customer Care Executive, Mortgage Banking, JP MORGAN CHASE
Panelist: Carol Toren, Senior Director, Correspondent Lending, CITI
3:30 PM -
4:00 PM -
Track: Defaulting Servicing, Foreclosure & REO View Track Putting REO to Rental to the Test
Moderator: Jeff Freud, Founder and President, LOANMARKET.NET
Panelist: Dan Magder, Founder and Managing Director, ROCK CREEK CAPITAL GROUP
Panelist: Dennis Regan, co-founder and Principal, CLEARVUE MANAGEMENT INC.
Moderator: Rick Sharga, Executive Vice President, CARRINGTON MORTGAGE HOLDINGS, LLC
4:00 PM -
Track: Non-Default Servicing Trends View Track Leveraging Multiple Channels to Service the Connected Customer
Austin Kilgore, Editor in Chief, NATIONAL MORTGAGE NEWS
Panelist: Rick Danos, Director, Product Management, CSG INTERNATIONAL
Panelist: Richard Volel, Vice President, Contact Management, AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING, INC.
4:45 PM -
Track: Non-Default Servicing Trends View Track Data Integrity - The Key to Compliance and Fraud Prevention
Moderator: Ruth Lee, EVP, TITAN LENDERS CORP
Panelist: Tommy Duncan, President, QUALITY MORTGAGE SERVICES
Panelist: Kimberly Ellison, Investigations Manager - Mortgage Fraud Program, FANNIE MAE
Ann Fulmer, VP, Business Relations, INTERTHINX

Thursday, April 19, 2012

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7:45 AM - 8:30 AM
Breakfast Briefing: The Peculiars, Particulars and Pains of Mortgage Searches and Recordation - It Can Be Better!
Vicki DiPasquale, SIMPLIFILE

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8:30 AM -
Carrington Mortgage's REO to Rental - Early Challenges, Early Success
Rick Sharga, Executive Vice President Communications, CARRINGTON MORTGAGE HOLDINGS, LLC
9:15 AM -
Communities Speak and the Industry Listens: Housing Recovery Opportunities and Local Responses
Moderator: Robert Klein, Chairman of the Board and Founder, SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES INC.
Panelist: Tom Lin, SVP, Community Programs Executive, BANK OF AMERICA
Panelist: Michael Merchant, Commissioner, CITY OF CHICAGO
Panelist: Alfred Pollard, Chief Legal Counsel, FHFA
Panelist: Jess Tirado, Vice President, REO Operations Manager, WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE
10:15 AM -
10:30 AM -
The Housing Paradox - How Housing & Legislation is Shaping Our Economy & the Future of Loan Servicing
Moderator: William M. LeRoy, Founder & Principal, PHOENIX CONSULTING
Panelist: James J. Butera, Partner, JONES WALKER
Panelist: Bill Emmons, Assistant Vice President and Economist, Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation, FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF ST. LOUIS
Panelists: Steven Horne, CEO and President, WINGSPAN PORTFOLIO ADVISORS, LLC
11:30 AM -
Making Mediation Work
Moderator: Cheryl L. Burm, Managing Attorney, WELTMAN, WEINBERG & REIS CO., LPA
Panelist: Andrew Jakabovics, Senior Director, Policy Development and Research, ENTERPRISE COMMUNITY PARTNERS
Panelist: Katie King, Director of Business Development, HOPE LOANPORT
Panelist: Kate Titford, Counsel, NEIGHBORWORKS AMERICA