2014 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Land Home Financial Services

Land Home Financial Services, Inc.
Land Home Special Servicing (LHSS) provides tailored solutions to fit your servicing needs. We are a FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA licensed seller and servicer as well as a registered HAMP provider. Our philosophy is to be a “partner” with you, and do so with flexibility, stability and with customized reporting and performance based servicing fees. Our competitive advantage is the step by step approach to customize solutions for your portfolio with the best execution that big servicers have difficulty providing. Land Home Financial Services is a 26 year old company focused on performance, customer experience and client satisfaction. Land Home will lead the way for your servicing needs.


LoanCare, the third largest subservicer in the country, provides full-service and interim subservicing to the mortgage industry. LoanCare subservices more than 500,000 loans for 60 clients in 50 states that totals $95 billion in loan balances. LoanCare brings exemplary service, technology and best practices to lenders, servicers and investors.

Nationwide Title Clearing

Nationwide Title Clearning, Inc.
Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) is a privately-owned leading research and document-processing service provider to the residential mortgage industry. NTC serves mortgage lenders, servicers and investors, including eight of the top 10 residential mortgage servicers in the country. NTC is known for delivering the highest level of accuracy in research services and quality document processing that sets the industry standard while protecting homeowners, assisting the mortgage banking industry and preserving the nation’s land records. NTC specializes in providing land records research, property reports, lien release services, assignment services, final document tracking, document retrieval and other custom business solutions.

Porthos Portfolio Management

Porthos Portfolio Management
Porthos Portfolio Trading specializes in residential distressed debt and as an asset management service provider. Porthos is a privately owned entity that focuses on the opportunities that lay in the distresses asset marketplace. Our goal is to facilitate opportunities to our clients in the area of the acquisition and the sale of Performing and Non Performing Notes in both First and Second Trust Deeds. Porthos also performs the management disposition of asset portfolios: to include due diligence, underwriting, and the resolution of delinquent assets resulting in an enhanced ROI for investors.

ProTitle USA

ProTitleUSA is a leader in Title research industry nationwide. ProTitleUSA is proud to deliver the most accurate, quickest and lowest cost service on the nationwide title research market today for both commercial and residential assets. ProTitleUSA is your main due diligence tool for handing distressed asset pools.

Richmond Monroe

Residential Credit Solutions
Since 2006, Residential Credit Solutions (RCS) has been supporting banks, investors and private equity firms facing material challenges maintaining portfolio performance while addressing the rising cost of servicing. Our investor and servicing solutions ensure precise execution to your service level expectations by combining transactional efficiency with quality control technology innovation. Our risk management scope is enterprise-wide focused, combining business acumen with operational effectiveness in the current environment.

Richmond Monroe

Richmond Monroe
Richmond Monroe can assist in all aspects of ensuring clear chain of title to the Note: Verifying that the note you are about to purchase is actually in the stated position, Reviewing the collateral documents, Imaging with 24/7 Access on our Secure Website, Creating an Exception Report of all missing documents, Providing the Exception Report to the seller and politely “nudging” them until the document is provided, Tracking all curative documents received, Obtaining copies of the missing documents directly from the county, Preparing Documents, Recording Documents, Locating the legal signer for those documents that should have been prepared years ago.

Short Save

Short Save
ShortSave is reducing timelines for short sales, loan mods and DIL transactions by 80%, turning note investors capital Months quicker.  Focusing on data and decision criteria the ShortSave patent pending process puts less emphasis on People and Paperwork.  Working with servicers and note investors, ShortSave allows borrowers to digitally communicate in a secure and non-confrontational environment leading to higher response rates.

Trinity Financial Services

Trinity Financial Services, LLC
Trinity Financial Services, a private equity firm headquartered in Newport Beach, California, specializes in the acquisition, management and sale of distressed residential mortgages. Trinity maintains relationships with most of the major financial institutions and primarily focuses on defaulted second mortgages and deeds of trust


Watermark Capital Funding Partners

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