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Mark FogartyA Few Words From the Conference Chair

Dear Servicing Industry Professional,

The future is here. Jan. 10, with its slew of ability-to-repay regulations and nine, count them, nine new servicing rules, is in full effect. Now the question is, what are the best practices servicers and vendors need to know to stay up-to-date in a fast-changing world? (Make that a blindingly fast-changing world!)

We can help you. That's because our Mortgage Servicing Conference, to be held April 23-25 in Dallas, is keyed exactly to strategies to help you thrive in a top-heavy regulatory environment. Questions about compliance, staffing and the future of the niche now that the foreclosure crisis is finally easing off (expect a more normal servicing arena by 2016) will be addressed by top-flight servicing participants and observers.

The servicing niche has been in constant flux since the mortgage collapse, and the “new normal” may be significantly different from the old normal. Will servicing retain its newer add-ons, like underwriting (on loan mods) and counseling (both of these used to be the purview of originators)? Or will it return to its safe but dull backoffice status? (I think it will choose the more exciting course.)

We'll talk about these things and more, like the remnants of the settlement process, at our 8th annual Mortgage Servicing Conference. See you in The Big D!

Mark Fogarty
Mark Fogarty
Conference Chair
Editor in Chief, Mortgage Servicing News