Another Top Retail Mortgage Manager Departs B of A

Bank of America is continuing to lose top retail loan officers and managers to the competition, the latest departure claiming a handful of employees in the Columbia, S.C. area.

B of A employees past and present confirmed to National Mortgage News that Columbia area sales manager Kevin Ray left the megabank last week, accepting a position with the mortgage division of Regions Bank.

Ray took with him to Regions about eight  B of A mortgage staffers, said one official close to the situation.

Late Monday night a B of A spokesman declined to comment on the situation, though he stressed that the bank is doing its best trying to keep current top performers and recruit from other lenders in the industry.

As reported by NMN this fall, the bank has lost dozens of top producing LOs over the past year. They have departed for such firms as Wells Fargo & Co., Prime Lending/Plains Capital, CMG Mortgage, and others.