DocMagic Exec Speaks on Dodd-Frank Technology Compliance

Melanie Feliciano, the chief legal officer at DocMagic, spoke on a panel with Roger Fendelman of Interthinx about vendor management and technology changes resulting from the Dodd-Frank rules at the RegList Workshop 2013, held in Costa Mesa, Calif.

RegListServ is a voluntary organization comprised of compliance professionals and attorneys in the mortgage lending industry.

Said Feliciano, “We’re all working in a very volatile environment where change has become the norm. I was impressed with the feedback from the audience. The manner in which members of the audience responded demonstrated that compliance professionals are undaunted by change; they are ready to tackle obstacles and come up with viable, compliant solutions for their respective companies.”

Feliciano and Fendelman also discussed CFPB Bulletin 2012-04, which announced the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s expectation that supervised banks and non-banks provide proper oversight over their service providers to ensure compliance with federal consumer financial law in order to protect the interests of consumers and avoid consumer harm.