Law Firm Adapts IndiSoft Technology

The McCann Law Group, a provider of consumer bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney services, is now utilizing IndiSoft’s RxOffice platform to handle a variety of cases across the country, particularly those dealing with foreclosures, loan modifications, litigation, deeds-in-lieu, evictions and audits.

Several of the Columbia, Md.-based technology provider’s 15 platforms, including RxOffice Foreclosure, RxOffice Bankruptcy and RxOffice Eviction and Litigation, allow law firms to mitigate cases in a timely fashion, therefore allowing homeowners and servicers to go through the default foreclosure process more efficiently.

“With more than 1,800 clients across the country, we needed a solution that would allow all involved parties to collaborate on a case and share crucial information in real time,” said Keith Boyce, business process administrator for The McCann Law Group. “RxOffice transforms our processes and provides the transparency we need to ensure every task is handled correctly and in a timely manner.”

Boyce said one feature that is important is the role-based application security, which allows the firm to carefully control each stage of the business process managed by different units.  Furthermore, the technology also ensures that The McCann Law Group maintains confidentiality by exposing information only on a need-to-know basis.     

Through RxOffice, The McCann Law Group, based in Jacksonville, can centralize all cases and information, as well as create multiple tracks within the system based on the requirements of each case. In addition to tracking all tasks and communications, RxOffice provides automated document management to build a single electronic file for each case and produce ready-to-file legal documents.

“In today’s mortgage, climate law firms’ workloads have grown significantly. By understanding their business challenges, we were able to develop technology that has improved their processes and compliance efforts,” said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, president and CEO of IndiSoft. “The McCann Law Group now has the workflow functionality and automated processes in place to work on multiple tasks simultaneously for the same client to improve productivity as well as management dashboards to give firm executives full transparency into all cases and actions.”