ProVest Broadens Its Midwest Operations

ProVest, a legal services firm that manages the delivery of documents for foreclosure proceedings, has expanded its operations in the Midwest region.

The Tampa-based firm now is offering its services in Minnesota and Missouri.

Fred Zakula, vice president of Midwest operations, will oversee the work conducted within the new states. Currently, Zakula supervises the operations that take place in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin.

Zakula, who is a licensed private detective in Illinois, has more than 30 years in the mortgage industry, particularly focusing in the default space.

“At ProVest, we focus on ensuring that we have a strong presence in each state,” said Vic Draper, executive vice president at ProVest.

“Having Fred located in Chicago enables him to see firsthand the needs of this region and ensure our services are being delivered in a timely manner.”

At the present time, Zakula manages 82 line staff in five offices, with plans to expand this number by 20% within the next four to six months.

“As more lenders consider the ramifications that the increasing number of regulations can have on their business, it is paramount that documents are presented to homeowners as quickly as possible,” said Zakula.

“ProVest has established relationships with a national network of independent field agents who provide our customers with immediate execution resources, which further ensures the delivery of time sensitive legal and loss mitigation documentation.”