CEO Believes Sales Use of Mobile Will Accelerate

The top executive at one industry vendor believes a combination of regulatory and technology trends will cause sales use of mobile devices to surge in 2013.

“We think the adoption will really start with the sales managers,” Capsilon founder, chairman and CEO Sanjeev Malaney told this publication, adding that he expects that rollouts to their sales teams will follow.

The advent of the iPad Mini, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the ability to electronically sign the full set of initial originating disclosures are driving this trend, he said.

Malaney said the availability of the iPad Mini gives sales forces a portable and discreet way of presenting documents electronically that encourages mobile use, while CFPB rules compel companies to use an electronic means of tracking and controlling their sales forces and document usage, and e-signatures make it easier to process documents efficiently using electronic means.

He said the company is currently working on adding e-signature and scanning capabilities to the mobile technology it rolled out last year.