Vet with Trouble Walking Gets Ground He Can Stand On

Decorated Army and Marine veteran Joey Campbell cuts the ribbon at a ceremony at his home, while Sen. Martin Heinrich (left) observes. Image: FHLB Dallas.

The wounds Joey Campbell received during multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan left him unsteady on his feet. But a grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas and Kirtland Federal Credit Union has given the decorated veteran some safer ground to walk on.

A total of $14,100 was granted from Kirtland FCU and the FHLB-Dallas to replace worn carpeting throughout Campbell’s Albuquerque, N.M., home with hardwood floors in an effort to help him avoid tripping on seams.

Campbell, 100% disabled and a two-time recipient of the Bronze Star, retired from service with both the Army and the Marines in 2011. In all, he served seven tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is the first veteran in New Mexico to be recognized by a new program at the FHLB of Dallas, whose district includes New Mexico.

The HAVEN program (Housing Assistance for Veterans) “is a unique grant program that targets veterans and active duty service members who have been disabled in the line of duty since Sept. 11, 2001. It provides grants up to $7,500 to support necessary home modifications,” according to the district bank.

The FHLB of Dallas has made $250,000 in HAVEN funds available through its members, like Kirtland FCU.  Campbell was awarded a $7,500 HAVEN grant by Kirtland FCU and FHLB Dallas, and Kirtland FCU provided an additional $6,600 in funds.

Campbell is married and the father of two young children. After tripping and falling several times at his home, his Wounded Warrior advocate told him about the new program, which the FHLB board approved in 2011.

Chuck Crisler, assistant vice president of public relations at Kirtland FCU, and a 30-year Air Force veteran, said, "FHLB Dallas has a lot of community programs to help people, but this is the only one where to qualify you have to be a hero. Joey is a real hero.”

Crisler first learned about the HAVEN program in 2012, when Kevin Kogucz, a senior member sales officer at FHLB Dallas, visited with Kirtland FCU about the program.

"Kevin introduced the program to us, and we started working with the Wounded Warrior advocate at the VA to get the word out, Crisler said. “Joey's name was the very first name we received.”

"While the sacrifices Mr. Campbell has made through his service to this country cannot be measured, we hope the installation of new flooring will help improve his mobility throughout his home," said FHLB of Dallas president and CEO Terry Smith.