Saxon Launches Crisis Prevention Research Group

Saxon Infotech Inc. of Columbia, Md., has launched a Housing Research Group, whose stated goal is to help identify the need for advocacy and new policy that would “address and solve current issues and curb future crisis.”

Executives said it is a “mission-critical” project.

The strategic information technology and consulting services provider whose clients include contractors to the federal government, midsize Fortune 500 enterprises and nonprofits intends to help generate a preventive approach to market crisis through a more efficient use of data analysis and research.

The Saxon Housing Research Group will act as an interface between academia, the private sector and the government sector. It will leverage its IT consulting and development expertise to bring together and coordinate research findings, analysis and recommendations about “key current and future issues within the housing market.”

Saxon said the research group plans to build its platform on existing and newly expanded areas of expertise by recruiting and collaborating with subject matter experts from universities and research centers from all over the country.

Currently it will focus on policy analysis on foreclosures and issues surrounding the reverse mortgage market, community development and affordable housing, and finding the right balance between growth management benefits and costs and how it applies to different income level populations.

Since 2005 when it was founded as a small business, Saxon has developed several high-risk “mission-critical” projects including the Retiree Drug Subsidy and Early Retiree Reinsurance in conjunction with the federal government.

Saxon’s long-term goal is to expand these areas of research in years to come to ensure research findings and services become available “to broader markets” such as government based and other international organizations overseas.