Doing More to Automate Short Sales

National Quick Sale, a short sale automation vendor, has formed a financial partnership with Open By Us, a Jacksonville, Fla.-based firm offering a unique service for real estate agents that enables them to conduct multiple open house events at the same time. Real estate agents have long known that open houses are a great way to generate high quality sales leads and sell homes more quickly.

The problem is that agents can only sit at one house at a time, leaving other listings without attention on weekends when potential buyers are out looking at homes. Open By Us touts that it solves the problem by offering trained professional greeters to sit on the open house events, effectively multiplying the agent's efforts by 100% with each greeter utilized.

Open By Us greeters are not licensed real estate agents, and are therefore not permitted to discuss the property with visitors. Their role is to monitor visits, distribute handouts, obtain photo identification and record visitor information for delivery the following day to the real estate agent. "While they are not real estate professionals, they are professional in appearance and demeanor, and undergo drug screening and background checks," says Open By Us president Stephanie Morris. She hires schoolteachers, nurses, bank tellers and others who are interested in earning extra money on three-hour assignments, mostly on weekends. "So for about the cost of one good sales lead," Ms. Morris says, "a real estate agent frees up precious selling time and may receive a dozen or more leads from an open house they don't have to sit on."

Rich Rollins, founder and CEO of National Quick Sale, knows a good idea when he sees one. "Open By Us has a concept the industry truly needs right now," he says. "Many servicers are starting to demand that short sales be marketed more aggressively, and having open houses to attract more potential buyers is a significant part of that strategy. There are millions of homes that will be sold as short sales and millions more in REO inventories, National Quick Sale and OBU can help make it happen," he said, adding, "I liked the concept so much we made a major investment in the company."

National Quick Sale is a short sale technology company that automates workflows for all involved so that short sales can be finalized in a matter of days instead of months. Short sale listings and deals in progress are monitored by Realtors, servicers, investors and others by using the company's Web-based platform, a technology that lends itself to the Open By Us business model, as well.

"REO managers could have a hundred open houses going on at the same time and monitor them all using their personalized dashboard on the OpenByUs.com website we'll be building," Mr. Rollins says. For now, however, Open By Us greeters gather the visitor information and send it to the real estate agent by the next day, ready for follow-up.