Tech-Savvy Servicer Gives Back

Who says attorneys don't have hearts of gold? At its first conference in Greenville, S.C., the Wingspan Preferred Attorney Network helped the Project Hope Foundation and Hope Academy raise over $138,000 to support their programs to educate children with autism.

The Wingspan Preferred Attorney Network is a group formed by Dallas-based specialty servicer Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, who won Mortgage Technology magazine's Servicer of the Year Award for using technology to improve the servicing of underwater loans. These attorneys and law firms specialize in foreclosure cases, but they also work with Wingspan while foreclosures are going through the process, looking for ways to keep families in their homes.

The Project Hope Foundation is a Greenville-based group that describes itself as "a small foundation doing big things for children with autism." Among these big things is Hope Academy, where small numbers of autistic children are blended with typical students and given the special attention they need to perform to grade-level academics from kindergarten through 8th grade. Since its inception in 1997, this unique school has served over 1,000 children, building relationships that have changed lives. Hope Academy currently has a waiting list of over 80 children with autism. Hope Link is another program of Project Hope Foundation, designed to help families deal with the challenges of autism by providing information about autism spectrum disorders, including symptoms, therapies, interventions, services, funding options and coping skills. The much-needed funds raised from the members of the Wingspan Preferred Attorney Network will directly support these and other efforts of the Project Hope Foundation to assist families dealing with the challenges of autism.

Steven Horne, CEO of Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, is also a lawyer with few illusions about the public perception of the legal profession, but he takes pride in the activities of his company's preferred attorney network. "While law firms provide the legal services associated with foreclosure, they want to explore all the options before foreclosure becomes inevitable, and that's where the Wingspan Preferred Attorney Network comes in," he explains.

"Our network members understand about working with people who are struggling and have cause to lose hope in their situations.

"Working with the Project Hope Foundation is another way our attorney network is finding a way to make a difference," Horne says. "Every dollar the members have raised will help a family with special needs and improve the life of a child. The foundation is extremely well named, and we are privileged to contribute to the hope these extraordinary people are bringing to their community."