Making Data More Actionable

As lenders look to make sense of their investor guidelines to help them remain in compliance, monitor their credit exposure and get a handle on their risk, business intelligence vendor Motivity Solutions and AllRegs have partnered to offer an intuitive new dashboard tool.

"AllRegs and Motivity have come together to clarify what's going on in the market," said Dan Thoms, senior vice president of sales and strategic initiatives for AllRegs. "Motivity has great dashboard and visualization technology and we are the exclusive publishers of pricing for the GSEs. We keep track of all investor products and thus have a lot of data."

The new tool called Market Clarity was designed for the secondary marketing executive building new products and for mortgage professionals that build credit policy.

"At the heart of what we're doing is taking the data and giving lenders the ability to look at different data at different ways to turn it into actions," added Tyler Sherman, CEO at Motivity Solutions. "For example, lenders can compare the different loan products being offered by the different investors that they do business with side by side. Prior, it took three or four people to do this work."

The AllRegs information service, known as AllRegs Online, is used by virtually all of the top 100 lenders and throughout numerous governmental agencies. The Eagan, Minn.-based company provides mortgage professionals with subscription-based access to single-family and multifamily underwriting and insuring guidelines, federal compliance laws and regulations, state compliance laws and regulations with plain-language analyses, contract publishing services and training resources through AllRegs Academy.

"With this new tool nothing is static," said Thoms. "We stratify the data on that mortgage company. As a lender I can see all my investors. I can also compare data. Lenders want to compare one investor to another. We have over 44 fields of data that can all be stratified."