Hope LoanPort Expands its Participants

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley, with 19 offices in the Philadelphia metro area, will join the more than 200 counseling agencies already committed to the Hope LoanPort Web portal.

Hope LoanPort also has 10 major mortgage servicers on board as well, using the loan modification tools. Hope LoanPort will provide benefits to all of CCCSDV's housing counselors. By having the ability to send all loan modification documents electronically to a mortgage servicer, the organization will be able to track a homeowner's progress and better understand which homeowners qualify for loan modifications. It will also reduce repeat calls from homeowners to housing counselors checking on the status of their loan modification.

CCCSDV vice president, client programs, Anthony Orman, welcomes the portal as an additional resource for its counselors to use to better serve their clients. "When we can utilize a tool that allows us to respond to clients in quicker fashion and make us more efficient as an agency, it's a win-win for all involved," said Orman. Larry Gilmore, CEO of Hope LoanPort, added, "Hope LoanPort continues to gain momentum, as we are adding new counseling organizations every day. These HUD-certified, nonprofits are essential to providing at-risk homeowners with the tools necessary to finding mortgage solutions. CCCS of Delaware Valley is joining an impressive group of dedicated counselors who are on the front lines of the mortgage crisis every day."

Hope LoanPort, developed by the Hope Now alliance, is a new Web-based tool that streamlines loan modification applications on behalf of borrowers at risk of foreclosure, allowing housing counselors to transmit completed applications to mortgage servicers. Hope LoanPort is designed to improve the quality of both the application itself and the ability of servicers to make decisions on that application.