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The U.S. mortgage market is of course considerably smaller, safer and less accessible than it was nine years ago.
The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s first report on the sales of nonperforming loans owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may seem discouraging at first.
Mortgage professional hiring and new job appointments for the week ending July 1.
Inaccurately insured homes can cost mortgage servicers millions of dollars in civil penalties — a loss that can be prevented by better understanding the figures and analysis used to determine the correct cost of insurance needed.
Calhoun County, Ala., had the fewest foreclosures over the last three months than in any second quarter since before the 2007 Great Recession.
Nonperforming loan investors will have to consider principal reductions and offer more sustainable loan modifications.
As Colorado Springs' housing market improves, the area's foreclosure picture continues to brighten.
The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to hear a case regarding a clause in Fannie Mae's corporate charter that awards jurisdiction over every case involving the government-sponsored enterprise to federal courts.
The Federal Housing Finance Agency wants mortgage servicers reaching out to delinquent borrowers to be exempt from tough restrictions on robo-calling. But the idea is being panned by consumer groups, who say it would give a free pass to mortgage servicers that have a record of consumer-protection violations.
Foreclosure rates in Southwest Florida have tumbled to half their levels from a year ago.
Cowboys Dancehall, a popular San Antonio country music venue routinely among the most lucrative local alcohol-selling establishments, has filed an emergency bankruptcy petition to stall a foreclosure sale scheduled for next week.
Nationstar Mortgage is issuing its fifth securitization of nonperforming reverse mortgages, a unique esoteric RMBS class the mortgage servicer has engaged in four previous transactions.
The home foreclosure rate in the Wichita, Kan., area continued to drop in April, as the city has largely bounced back from a decade of financial struggles in its housing sector.
A former attorney from Irvine, Calif., pleaded guilty Monday to being involved in mortgage fraud scheme that cost thousands of victims about $6 million.
Fitch Ratings will now conduct reviews of residential mortgage-backed securities deal agents as part of its RMBS master criteria, with Clayton Holdings as the first deal agent to receive an assessment.
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