For Sale or About to be Sold - Servicing Rights in Transit

(Dollars in Millions)

Company Servicing Port. Industry

Name at June 30, 2006 Niche

ABN Amro Mortgage $219,562 prime

Option One $74,060 B&C

National City Home Ln. (1) $44,201 B&C

Saxon Capital (2) $25,931 B&C

Encore Credit (3) $4,675 B&C

Totals: $363,754

Notes: ABN Amro Mortgage would not discuss reports that it is for sale. Option One's parent is considering selling the lender/servicer. (1) NCHL is being sold to Merrill Lynch. (2) Saxon is being sold to Morgan Stanley. (3) Encore is being sold to Bear Stearns.

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