Informative Research Celebrates 60 Years as Credit Reporting Firm

Informative Research, an independent mortgage credit reporting agency, celebrates 60 years of mortgage credit reporting in 2006. Informative Research was founded in 1946 to provide research services aimed at reducing the risk faced by the banking and lending community.

Informative Research has always placed a large focus on providing exceptional levels of customer service. Over the years, this high standard of service has resulted in the creation of IR's Commitment to Customer Excellence program. The C2E program is an organizationwide practice that tracks and manages crucial measures of customer service and product performance.

Informative Research employees strive to provide the best customer service with every interaction, and provide support on both credit reports and the technology that is used to order them. Most of IR's customer service representatives have been with the company for an average of eight or more years, and several managers have been with IR for over 20 years.

Many IR employees have been with the company since the days that geographically dispersed field representatives hand delivered printed credit reports to customers. Since those days, IR has developed a Web-based credit report ordering technology that increases portability and reissue for brokers while also being widely accepted on numerous automated underwriting systems. IR was one of the first credit reporting agencies whose reports were accepted on Fannie Mae's Desktop Originator and Desktop Underwriter.

"We are very excited to enter into our 60th year of servicing the mortgage lending industry," says Jeff Lau, marketing director at Informative Research. "We have big plans in the works for 2006, including expanding our educational offerings and increasing our relationships with key industry associations."

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