C-Bass Veteran Launches New Merchant Bank

Tony Ettinger, a founder of the specialty finance firms C-BASS and Sherman Financial, has launched a new company. The company, Credit Based Capital, is a merchant bank that specializes in credit-based businesses. He will serve as Credit Based Capital's president and CEO. Currently, Credit Based Capital is working to develop next generation businesses with investors, private equity firms and investment bankers in the following areas: mortgage servicing and collections, consumer loan servicing and collections, trade receivables financing and servicing, online consumer credit extension and Latin American receivables financing.

Prior to founding Credit Based Capital, Mr. Ettinger was Global Head of Specialty Finance for Maple Financial, a private financial services holding company. Before that, Mr. Ettinger worked at Enhance, which he joined it in 1995. Mr. Ettinger also previously held senior positions at MONY Financial Services and The Travelers.

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