Banks Will Report New Mortgage Data

Federal regulators will be collecting more information about the mortgage banking activities of commercial banks, including single-family originations and earnings, under new revisions to the bank call reports.

Commercial banks with at least $1 billion and more in assets will be required to report originations, purchases and sales of one-to-four family loans starting with a Sept. 30 call report.

Smaller banks with at least $10 million in single-family originations, purchases and sales over two consecutive quarters also have to report these mortgage banking activities on the new Schedule RC-P of the call report.

Meanwhile, the regulators delayed the reporting of net income from servicing fees, securitization income and gains (losses) on loan sales until the first quarter of 2007.

Revisions to the March 31, 2007 call report also require lenders to report their one-to-four family construction loans and commitments separately from commercial real estate construction loans and commitments.

The call report provisions affect commercial banks and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.-regulated saving banks.

The Office of Thrift Supervision already collects these data from OTS-regulated institutions.

"The call report changes are catching up to the thrift financial report with respect to certain mortgage activity," an OTS spokesman said.

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