Nationwide Launches 'Express Retrieval' Service

Nationwide Title Clearing, an outsource provider for lien release, assignment, document retrieval and final document services, has released Express Retrieval, an enhanced document retrieval service. Express Retrieval will enable mortgage lenders to get copies of recorded documents and title policies nationwide at a much faster rate than available through any other provider, the company said.

Express Retrieval is a nationwide recording office and title company research service to obtain information, copies or clerk-certified copies of recorded documents and title policies. Service improvements include a faster turnaround time, improved website reporting and images of documents retrieved are now available on the website.

"A primary reason that speed is so important to this service is because of the needs of our clients to obtain copies of original documents to satisfy investor requirements," said Jim Stewart, president of Nationwide Title Clearing, in a news release. "When a lender is at the point of needing to obtain a copy/clerk-certified copy from the recording office, it usually is because they are very close to or have even exceeded the allowable investor timeframe and thus speed is a critical issue.

"With mortgage rates going up and refinancing activity slowing down, many mortgage lenders are also looking to improve efficiency and create a more cost effective process," he said. "Express Retrieval achieves both; not only do our clients get the documents they need at a much faster rate than any other provider, the cost has been made very affordable.

"Why chase down documents for even a small percent of your loans when these can drive up the cost of each loan and take away from your bottom line? Express Retrieval is the most cost-effective way to get those difficult documents you need, fast."

Nationwide Title Clearing is the leading outsource provider for the processing of lien releases, assignments, document retrieval and final documents to the mortgage servicing industry.

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