Fidelity Integrates XSell into MSP

Fidelity Information Services has partnered with technology provider XSell to provide that firm's customer marketing solution to lenders using Fidelity's Mortgage Servicing Package.

Bruce Andrews, a senior vice president at Fidelity, said the XSell solution helps to turn inbound calls into marketing opportunities for lenders. In the era of proliferating do-not-call lists, making greater use of inbound calls is increasingly important, Mr. Andrews told MSN.

XSell focuses on turning inbound calls into marketing opportunities for cross-sell products, customer retention strategies and ancillary income, he said. The technology, embedded in Fidelity's MSP for clients that choose to use the system, supports the creation, exchange and close of customer leads created from routine customer service action.

XSell allows real-time assessment of sales opportunities and personalization of offers when a customer calls into a lender's call center or initiates another type of contact with the lender.

Bruce Andrews, senior vice president of Fidelity Information Services' business partners organization, said the XSell product helps Fidelity's MSP clients leverage customer relationships to enhance loan retention, cross-sales and ancillary income. And converting in-bound calls into sales opportunities has become even more important as a result of do-not-call laws that have scaled back outbound telemarketing campaigns, he told MSN. The sales guidance and prioritization service can empower customer service representatives to play a more valuable role for the firm.

"Providing a customized sales guide allows you to take a fairly low paid CSR type resource and make them into a sales person, at least in terms of getting a customer over to the fulfillment group," Mr. Andrews said.

More than 80 mortgage servicers use MSP to service more than 26 million loans, creating a large potential customer base for the XSell service. XSell's founder and CEO, Rob Lee, formerly worked for MSP's previous parent company, Alltel. Fidelity purchased the company from Alltel a number of years ago.

"Mortgage servicers are focused and have been focused predominately on efficiency," Mr. Lee noted. "What I saw, and what still happens quite a bit, was the desire to get a customer off the phone quickly when they call the customers service center."

At the same time, another group within a bank or lender's organization may be making telephone calls or stuffing envelopes with coupons, trying to get the attention of borrowers. Lenders all want to turn inbound calls into marketing opportunities, but doing that successfully isn't easy, Mr. Lee said.

"Selling on a customer service contact is not something you can do very well without supporting and enabling technology."

The XSell platform assigns a score for each customer and product to identify and prioritize cross-sell opportunities. When a customer interaction occurs, the offer is presented that contains customer and product specific marketing messages. Products such as home-equity lines, optional insurance and credit cards are among offerings that XSell can score, taking into account issues such as whether the customer has been offered this type of product before and what their response was.

The score's and marketing messages can be delivered immediately by a customer service representative, voice response unit, or Web-based self-service site. If the customer indicates interest, the platform can facilitate processing or make a warm transfer to a fulfillment center.

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