Tavant Targets Servicing Sector

Tavant Technologies, a provider of information technology services, is placing new emphasis on loan servicing as part of its drive to penetrate the mortgage technology market.

And the company believes that its servicing applications offer a degree of default management sophistication not available from more established loan servicing providers. They believe that word of mouth is helping Tavant Mortgage Solutions win new customers, especially as some Ameriquest veterans move to other companies.

"Through migration, it is gaining a certain reputation," said Christophe Knoess, vice president of mortgage solutions at Tavant.

Tavant executives say the key to their technology is its ability to automate decision-making processes involving many documents and guidelines from stakeholders in the loan servicing process. The system was built using service-oriented architecture so that functionality is not embedded in millions of line of code, making it easier to update and adapt the technology.

The key to Tavant's software formula is that it provides workflow, rules and intelligence, combined with document management and imaging capabilities, Mr. Knoess said. He noted that Tavant's servicing solution includes a default management and loss mitigation component that he believes will help set Tavant apart from other technology providers.

"People are expecting default rates to go way up."

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