ProLender to Use Interthinx Fraud Detection, Support Tool

Interthinx, a provider of fraud prevention and decision support tools for the mortgage industry, has successfully integrated its DISSCOSM fraud detection and prevention system with the ProLender Mortgage Lending System. ProLender is a product of ProLender Solutions, San Diego.

As a result of this integration, loans originated in ProLender can be instantly and seamlessly submitted to DISSCO for automatic screening for potential mortgage fraud. The interface from ProLender is a user-friendly, "push-button" system that compiles loan data and directly communicates with the Interthinx server, which analyzes loan information via a secure Internet connection. Once analysis is complete, ProLender receives and displays the Interthinx fraud report in PDF format.

"Our strategic alliance with Interthinx gives ProLender another seamless interface that streamlines the entire loan process for our customers," said Kevin Roczey, president of ProLender Solutions Inc. "The easy-to-use interface with Interthinx enables our ProLender customers using DISSCO to avoid rekeying the loan information, reducing the time needed to process each loan and decreasing the margin for error or inaccuracy inherent in rekeying loan data multiple times. In addition, our customers have the added benefit of detecting and preventing fraudulent activity on the front end before it becomes incredibly damaging in the funding stages."

DISSCO (data integrity search and score system) is an electronic fraud-prevention tool that is designed to reduce the risk associated with mortgage lending due to fraud. DISSCO can instantly search hundreds of mortgage-related data fields in a loan record to identify and score the kinds of misinformation, inaccuracies and inconsistencies that could indicate fraud. DISSCO then produces a detailed report with step-by-step recommendations on how to respond.

"Lenders nationwide are proactively fighting fraud on the front end by educating themselves in fraud detection and prevention techniques and employing proven fraud prevention solutions," said Kevin Coop, president of Interthinx.

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