Package of Tax-Lien and Foreclosure Domain Names for Sale

TaxForeclosures.com LLC, a holding company in Baltimore for a number of domain names related to the tax-lien and tax-foreclosure markets, is selling a package of domain names including www.taxforeclosure.com and www.taxforeclosures.com.

Originally registered in 1998, these domains represent an estimated $4.5 billion market that is expected to grow substantially over the coming years, according to John Starling, president, TaxForeclosures.com.

Mr. Starling says the threat of inflation and increasing defaults on interest-only loans is contributing to increased market activity. "As a result, a number of websites have begun to cater to the needs of investors seeking to get in on the tax-foreclosure market, and to homeowners who desire to head off a tax foreclosure before it happens, or need help dealing with the process as it happens."

Many companies in the tax-foreclosure market specialize in listing properties and providing how-to information to distressed property owners or would-be investors. Banking institutions, finance companies, bankruptcy attorneys, credit agencies and mortgage lenders specializing in helping people consolidate debt are interested in tapping into this market for lead flow, he said.

These organizations are using portal websites, based on direct-request domains as a means to generate business leads. Within this market context, TaxForeclosures.com is seeking to divest itself of some of its inventory of industry specific domains and is conducting the sale of its domains via the current website.

"The name is a draw. We want to sell it or work together on a joint venture. Anybody could develop this site. It could be used as a portal for how to get out of foreclosure. Lead flow from the website would also be valuable to a subprime mortgage company," he said.

The market for domain names has recently experienced a resurgence, Mr. Starling added. "Businesses have come to realize that a domain name, especially a direct-request domain, defined as one that is simply keyed into a browser by an individual searching the Internet, rather than into Google by someone surfing, is a potentially lucrative lead-flow vehicle, due to the very specific nature of the traffic these domains generate," he said.

"The domain name factors prominently into the algorithm used by many search engines to establish ranking order, pushing sites higher up in the search engines."

Mr. Starling said he believes there is going to be a large wave of tax foreclosures eight to 12 months away. "That is why we want to put this asset out there and give the buyer the opportunity to develop and plan," he said. "The mortgage industry is killing each other for leads. Everyone is trying to win the search engine game."

The market reality is changing the way buyers go after foreclosures. "There is an enormous amount of inventory. People are running out of money, living on credit cards and home equity. There will be a lot of tax-lien certificates that are not paid." (c) 2006 Mortgage Servicing News and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. http://www.mortgageservicingnews.com http://www.sourcemedia.com