Mortgage Firms & Servicing Portfolios for Sale - A Scorecard

(Dollars in Millions)

Mortgage Firm Servicing Rights Status of Buyer

Name Involved Sale Name

Golden West/World $123,008 pending Wachovia

North Fork/GreenPoint $49,237 pending Capital One

NatCity Home Equity (bc) $44,201 pending Merrill Lynch

Irwin Mortgage (po) $19,200 pending buyer not ID'd yet

NetBank (po) $15,465 pending buyer not ID'd yet

MortgageIT $5,115 pending Deutsche

Aames Financial (bc) $4,987 pending Accredited

Encore Credit (bc) $4,675 new book na

TOTALS: $265,888

Notes: Firms listed by the size of their servicing portfolios. Most of deals listed here are franchise sales unless they are marked by a (po) which stands for "portfolio only." (bc) Company is a subprime specialist.

Source: MSN/QDR/NMN's M&A Database. Questions? Email: Paul.MuoloSourceMedia.com

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