Recruiting And Training

Recruiting and training of mortgage professionals has never been both easier and more difficult. It is easier to access information, but on the other hand the amount of information and knowledge necessary to be successful in the marketplace continues to grow and become more sophisticated.

Executives such as Ron Vaimberg, president of Vaimberg International, Tarrytown, N.Y., maintain that hiring has become more challenging these days since recruiting has slowed down and commissions are not as attractive as they used to be the past few years. Also companies have to be frugal with training budgets. The process becomes even more challenging as some specific areas of the market such as preparing reverse mortgage professionals, some trainers say, given the complexity of the transaction, the growing demand and the popularity of the product.

Market challenges have led some recruiters to join forces, as is the case of K&G of Lawrenceville, Ga., and Asset Recruiting LLC "to strengthen" their West Coast presence, the firms said.

Other trainers, such as the Chartered Realty Investor Society, specializing in commercial real estate development, joined forces with the Mortgage Bankers Association so that the MBA helps in the production of a study guide to be used by mortgage professionals who take the CRIS examination.

Meanwhile, responding to new regulatory requirements in Maryland, the Mortgage Training Institute is providing mortgage originators an approved 40-hour course.

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