Wall Street Firms & Their Subprime Servicing Affiliates

(Dollars in million)

Street Servicing B&C Subprime

Firm Affiliate Serv. Rk. Serv. at June 30

Merrill Lynch Home Loan Server 7 $53,660

Goldman (1) Litton Loan Services 12 $46,435

Morgan Stanley Saxon Mortgage 14 $38,692

Credit Suisse (2) Select Portfolio 15 $32,334

Bear Sterns (e) EMC Mortgage 16 $21.150

Merrill Lynch (e) Wilshire Credit 18 $15,610

Lehman Bros. Aurora Loan Serv. 25 $2,439

Total: $210,320

Notes: Traditional investment banking firms only. Services owned by large depositories that are active in investment banking are excluded from this ranking. Some firms service other non-conforming loan types besides subprime, which means the receivables figures published here may include alt-A, alt-B and other mortgages. (1) Goldman has not yet admitted that it is buying Litton but sources indicate that it is the leading bidder. (2) Select was formerly called Fairbanks Capital. CS bought the company two years ago. (e) Estimate.

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